Pack – 1999 Finest 1

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett set page)

This 300-card set (produced by Topps) was distributed in first and second series six-card packs with a suggested retail price of $5. The fronts feature color action player photos printed on 27 pt. card stock using Chromium technology. The backs carry player information. The set includes the following subsets: Gems (101-120), Sensations (121-130) Rookies (131-150/277-299), Sterling (251-265) and Gamers (266-276). Card number 300 is a special Hank Aaron/Mark McGwire tribute. Cards numbered from 101 through 150 and 251 through 300 were short printed and seeded at a rate of one per hobby, one per retail and two per Home Team Advantage pack. Notable Rookie Cards include Pat Burrell, Sean Burroughs, Nick Johnson, Austin Kearns, Corey Patterson and Alfonso Soriano.

Pack Contents

6 Super Premium Cards


$0.88 (part of a large group of packs off eBay)


This pack is way out of my experience.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from pack)

Refractor – 1:12 packs
Sequentially numbered die-cut gold refractors – 1:82 packs
Split screen – refractor/non-refractor – 1:28 packs
Sequentially numbered prominent figures slugging percentage – 1:145 packs
Sequentially numbered prominent figures batting average – 1:289 packs
Sequentially numbered prominent figures home runs – 1:1,749 packs
Sequentially numbered prominent figures RBIs – 1:644 packs
Sequentially numbered prominent figures total bases – 1:268 packs
Peel & Reveal sparkle – 1:30 packs
Peel & Reveal hyperplaid – 1:60 packs
Peel & Reveal stadium stars – 1:120 packs
Peel & Reveal leading indicators – 1:24 packs
Sequentially numbered team finest blue – 1:82 packs
Sequentially numbered team finest blue refractors – 1:816 packs
Bonus base cards – 1:1 packs


19 – J.T. Snow
42 – Livan Hernandez

78 – Dante Bichette
83 – Jay Bell

96 – Wally Joyner (front and back)

108 – Jeff Bagwell Gems (front and back)

Insert card checklist (front and back)


In 1998 I picked up a few packs of 1998 Topps. These (and a few Fleer Sports Illustrated) are the only packs I had bought for around 25 years. One of the cards in those 1998 packs was some kind of Clemente tribute card. Like all these 1999 Finest cards, the Clemente card had a peel-off coating. I couldn’t stand it. A card that you have to mess up in order to see what it’s really supposed to look like. You don’t see cards like this anymore, so I guess collectors weren’t too crazy about them. Did people really peel these things?

These Finest cards are some heavy cards – very thick. I don’t know if these are refractors or some early version of the chrome technology (looks like chrome), but they don’t quite work. They have a little bit too much glitz and not enough baseball card.

I would like to see some more of these before completely writing them off, but I doubt I’ll find a box in my price range. Old School Breaks has opened a couple 1999 Finest boxes – one Series 1 Jumbo and the other Series II.

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