Where have all the series gone?

Is it my imagination, or are sets all becoming one series these days? In the early days (of Topps), all the annual sets were issued in series – sometimes lots of series. That tradition ended after the 1973 set. As a kid, I always thought that 1973 was more special than later years just because it wasn’t a one-series set.

By the 90s sets were back to being issued in series. Stadium Club even went to putting out three series for a number of years. (I’ll be posting a 1994 Stadium Club 3 box break in a couple weeks.) Into the 2000s most everything was in two series.

Today, what do we have? 2010 Topps 1 and 2. That’s it. Everything else is a single series. It doesn’t help that Topps is pretty much the only game in town for baseball cards.

What is the deal? Why have multiple series sets all but died off. Did Topps kill them off, or did collectors quit buying them?


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