Break – 1998 Pacific


base cards: 320 of 450 – 71.1% complete (71 doubles or triples)
Silver parallel set: 36 of 450 – 8.0% complete
Platinum Blue parallel set: 1 of 450 – 0.2% complete
Gold Crown Die-Cuts insert set: 1 of 36 – 2.8% complete
Team Checklists insert set: 1 of 30 – 3.3% complete
Latinos of the Major Leagues insert set: 3 of 36 – 8.3% complete
Home Run Hitters insert set: 0 of 20 – 0% complete
In the Cage insert set: 0 of 20 – 0% complete
Cramer’s Choice insert set: 0 of 10 – 0% complete

Selected Base cards

188 – Randy Johnson (front and back)

262 – Dave Burba (front and back)

Selected insert and parallel cards

14 – Latinos in the Majors – Moises Alou (front and back)

17 – Latinos in the Majors – Edgar Renteria (front and back)

30 – Latinos in the Majors – Joey Cora (front and back)

29 – Gold Crown Die Cuts – Ken Griffey Jr. (front and back)

5 – Team Checklists – Cleveland Indians (front and back)


  • base cards
    These are pretty nice cards.  The second language takes a little getting used to, but the cards themselves are alright.  Among the base cards is a nice mix of vertical and horizontal poses.  One weird thing – the horizontal cards, if held so that the back of the card has the same orientation as a vertical card, has the player name upside down.  Otherwise, these cards are fine.
  • subsets
    This set has no subsets, and I really like it.  They are just player cards.  What a great idea.
  • parallel cards
    I don’t know why, but when I was scanning these cards, I missed getting the Silver and Platinum Blue parallels.  Since they are parallels, you are not missing much.  The Silver parallels have the player name in silver foil.  The Platinum Blue parallels have the player name in a bluish-silver foil.  (What the hell is Platinum Blue?)  Otherwise, the parallels are identical to the base cards.
  • insert cards
    I pulled five inserts from three different insert sets from this box.  That’s pretty much on target based on the published odds.  The Latinos in the Major Leagues cards are pretty cool.  The front of the cards has the player’s national flag as the background.  The background has a texture that feels a big like fabric (plastic-coated fabric).  It’s pretty cool.  The die-cut Home Run cards are OK, although they’re a big gaudy for me.  The Team Checklist cards are pretty plain.  Note that all the cards of a given team are numbered sequentially in the set.


I had no idea what to expect in my first bilingual baseball card box break.  Overall, I was pleased.  There is nothing fancy about this product.  It tries to be glam with all the gold foil, but it’s just a simple product.  Actually, that’s the best part about it.  It’s not so tricked out such that it gets in its own way.

Other blogs’ breaks/rips of 1998 Pacific

To my knowledge, nobody has posted a box break or pack rip of 1998 Pacific.  Don’t I feel special right now?


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