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Preview – 1991 Score

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett set page)

The 1991 Score set contains 893 standard-size cards issued in two separate series of 441 and 452 cards each. This set marks the fourth consecutive year that Score issued a major set but the first time Score issued the set in two series. Cards were distributed in plastic-wrap packs, blister packs and factory sets. The card fronts feature one of four different solid color borders (black, blue, teal and white) framing the full-color photo of the cards. Subsets include Rookie Prospects (331-379), First Draft Picks (380-391, 671-682), AL All-Stars (392-401), Master Blasters (402-406, 689-693), K-Men (407-411, 684-688), Rifleman (412-416, 694-698), NL All-Stars (661-670), No-Hitters (699-707), Franchise (849-874), Award Winners (875-881) and Dream Team (882-893). An American Flag card (737) was issued to honor the American soldiers involved in Desert Storm. Rookie Cards in the set include Carl Everett, Jeff Conine, Chipper Jones, Mike Mussina and Rondell White. There are a number of pitchers whose card backs show Innings Pitched totals which do not equal the added year-by-year total; the following card numbers were affected, 4, 24, 29, 30, 51, 81, 109, 111, 118, 141, 150, 156, 177, 204, 218, 232, 235, 255, 287, 289, 311, and 328.”

Box Contents

36 packs with 16 cards + 1 Magic Motion trivial card each


$13.00 both boxes (four-box lot on eBay for a $10.50 bid + $15.50 s/h)


Junk wax glory – 1991 Score.  Here are both the Series 1 box and a poly pack.  Green is the color for Series 1.

Here are the Series 2 box and pack in a lovely purple-pink.

Insert List (taken from Beckett)

Mantle cards – 7 cards – 1:??
Mantle Autographs – 7 cards – 1:??


I collect serial-numbered autographed and relic inserts from the 90s, and 1991 Score is ground zero for these cards.  (Some might say that 1990 Upper Deck is where it all started, but I don’t collect the early Upper Deck cards for reasons I’ll cover sometime later.)  The fun begins in Series 2.  Series 1 is just another innocent junk product.  Series 2 is where the inserts can be found.


Bonus Pack – 2010 Score Football

Most NFL teams start their training camps this week.  In honor of the occasion, I’m ripping a pack of 2010 Score football.  This is low end stuff, but it’s just about the only football material that I have.

Beckett Set Notes (from set page)


[That’s right.  The set page is completely blank except for saying that the set has 400 cards, 103 of which are rookies.]

Pack Contents

7 cards (one rookie card per pack!)


I have had this pack for quite a while and can’t remember what I paid for it.


Here’s the pack.  Manning and Tebow grace the front.  That’s a bit ironic considering how their paths have intertwined in the past year.

Insert / Parallel List

This set does have inserts, but there’s no possibility that I can read the ultra fine print on the pack.  I mean this is Cold War, microdot type printing.


57 – Bernard Scott (front and back)

108 – Jermichael Finley
183 – Marques Colston

220 – DeSean Jackson
235 – Santonio Holmes

262 – Nate Burleson
303 – Andre Dixon


This isn’t much of a pack.  Of course, if you open up a low end product, you shouldn’t expect a pot of gold to fall out.  Regardless, football season is on the horizon.  My prediction? – the Steelers are old and the Ravens are down a man.  The Bengals will win their division.

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