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Pack – 1996 Denny’s

Beckett Set Notes (from set page)

“This 28-card set was produced by Pinnacle for Denny’s and features a star player from each of the Major League baseball teams. The fronts feature a full motion hologram player image. The backs carry player information. By ordering anything on the menu, a customer could buy two packs. Each Denny’s also sponsored a drawing to win all 48 cards (the regular set and both insert sets).”

Pack Contents

1 card


$0.25 (part of a large group of packs picked up at a show)


This blue foil pack was irresistible in a bargain bin at a local show.  Somehow I resisted buying the 50 or so that were in the box.

Insert / Parallel List

Grand Slam inserts – 10 cards – 1:56 packs
Artist’s Proofs inserts – 10 cards – 1:360 packs


13 – Barry Larkin (front and back)

information card


At one time I had a bunch of rules on what I considered to be a set.  This Denny’s pack would not have made the grade.  I’m glad I got over those rules.

As Beckett tells us, these packs could be bought if you ate food at Denny’s.  You’d think they’d throw then in as a promo, but apparently you had to buy them.  With 28 cards per set, that’s a lot of French toast to get a full set.  What kills me is that this issue included insert sets.  The Artist’s Proofs are inserted at a rate of 1:360.  Scarce inserts just don’t seem to fit with the distribution of these cards.

Enough about the particulars of this set, the cards themselves contain a holographic image.  If you get the light just right (no easy task), then you are treated to a color motion clip of the player featured on the card.  Getting the light correct is pretty hard – so hard, in fact, that each pack includes a special instruction card.  The instructions do not say anything about patience or luck.  This is a serious omission in my opinion.

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