Preview – 1998 Pacific

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett set page)

The 1998 Pacific set was issued in one series totalling 450 cards and distributed in 12-card packs with a suggested retail price of $2.49. The fronts features borderless color player photos with gold foil highlights. The backs carry player information in both Spanish and English. As is standard with base-brand Pacific, the entire set is devoid of subset cards, instead focusing on a comprehensive selection of major league players.”

Box Contents

36 packs with 12 cards each


$22.45 ($12.45 bid + $10.00 s/h) on eBay


Here is the box in the bilingual style distinctive of Pacific.

The packs mirror the box.

Insert and Parallel List (taken from the box)

Silver Parallel – 450 cards (1:1)
Platinum Blue Parallel – 450 cards (1:73)
Gold Crown Die-Cuts – ?? cards (1:37)
Team Checklists Laser-Cuts – ?? cards (1:37)
Latinos of the Major Leagues – ?? cards (2:37)
Home Run Hitters – ?? cards (1:73)
In the Cage Laser-Cuts – ?? cards (1:145)
Cramer’s Choice Awards – ?? cards (1:721)


I was going to break some 1991 Stadium Club, but yesterday I read a post over on Stale Gum with some comments on the most recent National.  One observation was that the convention was light on late 90s wax.  So, in honor of Stale Gum, I’ll break a cheap box from the late 90s – 1998 Pacific.

Sometime back I ripped a pack of 1998 Pacific Online.  That’s as close to a Pacific product as I’ve ever been.  Most products were down to 24 or so packs per box by the late 90s, so this box feels pretty hefty at 36 packs.  This product also has a lot of gold on it.


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