A really big show

Am I referring the National from last weekend?  No.  I am, of course, talking about the big show here in the Charlotte, NC area at the Metrolina Expo.  This show is held a few times a year and has well over 100 tables from local dealers.  I went a couple years ago.  It was kind of a bust.  I was looking for specific inexpensive cards.  Who is going to take the time to inventory their 10¢ cards?  Nobody.  So, I spent a bunch of time digging through dime boxes and getting pissed off.

This year will be different.  My interests are better defined and richer, so I might have an easier time finding things.  Also, my #1 goal is to pick up a broad assortment of packs for my Monday posts.  Lots of dealers have bins of packs, so I am just about guaranteed success on this front.  I’d love to get some old boxes, but eBay seems to be the way to go on these, even with shipping.

So, on with the show.  I hope I don’t come home empty-handed.


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