Pack – 1995 UD Minor League

Beckett Set Notes (from set page)

“The set can be subdivided into regular cards (1-100, 116-160, 170-214), Season Highlights (101-106), International Flavor (107-115), Road To The Show (161-169), and Draft Class (215-224). Card 225 was a special card of the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. An early Vladimir Guerrero card is the highlight of this set.”

Pack Contents

10 cards


$0.40 (part of a large group of packs picked up at a show)


Last week I opened a 1993 Upper Deck 1 Jumbo pack.  That thing had a foil wrapper that was about as thick as the sheet metal on my Corolla.  This pack is made out of the same tough stuff.  As the pack shows, retail price was $1.99 back in 1995.  This pack might be a hobby pack as Beckett mentions four-card retail packs and this pack has ten cards.

Insert / Parallel List (from Beckett)

Future Shock – full parallel – 224 cards – 2:1 packs
Michael Jordan Scrapbook – insert – 10 cards – 1:35 packs
Organizational Profiles – inserts – 24 cards – 1:10 packs
Top 10 Prospects – inserts – 10 cards – 1:10 packs


38 – Richard Hidalgo (front and back)

65 – Jason Isringhausen (front and back)

29 – Jose Silva
84 – Makato Suzuki

99 – Desi Wilson
153 – Benji Grigsby

159 – Jamie Arnold
177 – Lou Pote

32 – Future Shock – Shannon Stewart
145 – Future Shock – Sal Fasano


Minor league cards were big in the early 90s.  I guess the major manufactures thought the little guys were making money on them, so the big boys decided to try to steal the market.  Throw in the rookie card craze, and apparently collectors bought these things.

So, here is a pack of one of those minor league sets made by one of the big card companies.  I must admit that these are actually really nice cards and compare very well to other mid-1990s products.  In fact, they might be better than most major league cards because these cards aren’t as tricked out (i.e., messed up).  I admit that a little pizzazz can be nice.  The Future Shock parallel set differs from the base set only by a little foil stamp on the front.  That’s a bit weak.

The cards pretty much speak for themselves.  I will note that instead of the traditional Upper Deck hologram, these cards have a printed Upper Deck logo with a foil star next to it.  I guess that minor league cards do not deserve full Upper Deck security measures.  Still, these are pretty slick cards.  If you were into minor league issues back in the 1990s, this set was probably part of your collection.

Other 1995 UD Minor League pack rips or box breaks

Pack Rip by A Pack To Be Named Later


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