Break – 1991 Donruss 2


base cards: 318 of 384 – 82.8% complete (222 doubles, triples, or quadruples)
Bonus Cards insert set: 11 of 12 – 92% complete (3 doubles)
Elite insert set: 0 of 10 – 0% complete

Selected Base cards

405 – Eddie Murray – MVP (front and back)
Eddie looks particularly surly on this card.

429 – Turner Ward – Rated Rookie (front and back)

437 – Ozzie Smith – NL All-Star (front and back)

451 – Cecil Fielder (front and back)
Cecil is listed at 6’3″ and 230 pounds.  No way.

471 – Barry Larkin (front and back)

744 – Dykstra and Murphy (front and back)

763 – Billy Hatcher – World Series (front and back)

Selected insert cards

BC-18 – Bonus Cards – Eddie Murray (front and back)


  • base cards
    A few things are worth noting here.  First, this series 2 box didn’t give nearly as much of a set (82%) as the series 1 box (96%).  Second, the series 1 cards have blue borders but series 2 is green (weird).  Third, just like series 1, series 2 has middle names and nicknames.  I still dig it.  Case in point – Osbourne (Ozzie) Earl Smith.
  • subsets
    There are a few subsets: Award Winners, Rated Rookies, and All-Star (NL only in series 2) cards.  There are some other random subset cards with very stupid themes.  I have shown a card of Dykstra and Murphy (Mr. Dirt and Mr. Clean).  I think this kind of thing is lame.
  • insert cards
    I struck out on Elite Series again (no stunner).  The other insert set consists of Bonus Cards.  Just like the series 1 box, I got 14 inserts.  About 1:2.5 packs seems like a good insertion rate for these cards.


My biggest complaint about series 2 of 1991 Donruss is that the cards are a different color from series 1.  That’s weird.  I can’t imagine many collectors liked this design.  Otherwise, I like the set much more than you might expect from a junk wax product.

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