Pack – 1993 Upper Deck 1 Jumbo

Beckett Set Notes (from set page)

“The 1993 Upper Deck set consists of two series of 420 standard-size cards. Special subsets featured include Star Rookies (1-29), Community Heroes (30-40), and American League Teammates (41-55), Top Prospects (421-449), Inside the Numbers (450-470), Team Stars (471-485), Award Winners (486-499), and Diamond Debuts (500-510). Derek Jeter is the only notable Rookie Card in this set. A special card (SP5) was randomly inserted in first series packs to commemorate the 3,000th hit of George Brett and Robin Yount. A special card (SP6) commemorating Nolan Ryan’s last season was randomly inserted into second series packs. Both SP cards were inserted at a rate of one every 72 packs.”

Pack Contents

27 cards


$0.40 (part of a large group of packs picked up at a show) – retail price in 1993 was $2.79


This is a foil pack.  The foil is very thick.  Special tools are required to open this thing.  I think you could cook with this stuff (ala Reynolds Wrap).

Insert / Parallel List

For the life of me I cannot figure out the mess of parallels and inserts in product.  Suffice it to say that there are lots and lots of them.


18 – Jessie Hollins – Star Rookies (front and back)

34 – Kirby Puckett – Community Heroes (front and back)

80 – Rick Sutcliffe (front and back)

133 – Ramon Martinez (front and back)

HR27 – Home Run Heroes Paul O’Neill

Other cards in the pack

60 – Wilfredo Cordero
78 – Bob Walk
85 – Mark Gubicza
114 – Craig Biggio
115 – Eddie Murray
134 – Don Mattingly
156 – Felix Jose
164 – Jack Morris
172 – Dan Walters
176 – Gregg Jefferies
207 – Charlies Hough
220 – Danny Darwin
224 – Jay Buhner (x2)
260 – Joe Orsulak
279 – Terry Mulholland
292 – Otis Nixon
296 – Eddie Taubensee
356 – Marquis Grissom
364 – Travis Fryman
394 – Bernard Gilkey
403 – Mike Henneman


I haven’t opened up much Upper Deck material on this blog.  I can’t explain why, but I don’t like Upper Deck as a brand.  Anyway, I am not familiar with their cards, especially their earlier stuff.  So, when I opened this pack, I was struck by the quality of the cards.  These have a great feel to them – much better than the other high-end sets of the same time (Ultra, Stadium Club).  The pictures are nice too.  Maybe I’ve been way too hard on Upper Deck.

This pack did have a couple problems.  First, the cards almost all stuck together (badly).  You can see the surface damage in some of the scans.  Second, these cards were pretty beat up.  My guess is that this pack had been shuffling around in a bargain bin for a couple years.  Neither of these problems are Upper Deck’s fault.  Opening 20-year-old packs of cards has some risks.

The jumbo packs have one insert per pack – Home Run Heroes.  These cards feature the top home run hitting player for each team.  As a bonus, this pack had Paul O’Neill of the Cincinnati Reds, my team.

All-in-all, this was a nice pack.  I had my expectations set low, and I was pleasantly surprised.  While the base cards aren’t fancy by any means, they get the job done.  The cards have a nice mix of vertical and horizontal shots.  The subsets have a full-bleed design that contrasts well with the white-bordered base cards.  This is a nice set.

Other 1993 Upper Deck 1 pack rips or box breaks

Pack Rip by Nachos Grande (also a jumbo)

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