Break – 1991 Donruss 1


base cards: 372 of 386 – 96.4% complete (154 doubles or triples)
Bonus Cards insert set: 10 of 10 – 100% complete (4 doubles)
Elite insert set: 0 of 10 – 0% complete

Selected Base cards

1 – Dave Steib – Diamond Kings (front and back)

43 – Ray Lankford – Rated Rookie
1-2-3 – Willie Stargell puzzle

50 – Jose Canseco – American League All-Star (front and back)

84 – Eric Davis (front and back)

96 – Danny Jackson (front and back)

Selected insert cards

BC-8 – Bonus Cards – Gary Carter (front and back)


  • base cards
    This is your typical early 90s cheap product.  There is something that I really like about these cards – middle names and nicknames.  Almost every card lists a player’s middle name and often a nickname as well.  Examples – Raymond (Ray) Lewis Langford and Danny Lynn Jackson.  Canseco, always Mr. Cool, is just plain Jose Canseco.  This box almost gave a complete set.
  • subsets
    There are a few subsets: Diamond Kings, Rated Rookies, and All-Star cards.  I cannot stand Diamond Kings.  Those things are ugly.  The Rated Rookies are kind of pointless.  The backs are just like regular cards.  The All-Star cards are kind of cool because the backs give the player’s All-Star Game stats.  (Canseco went 0-for-4 in the 1990 All-Star Game.)  Series 1 only has the AL All-Stars.
  • insert cards
    The mother ship insert set for 1991 Donruss is the Elite Series.  With an insertion rate of around 1:2,700 packs, it’s no surprise that I didn’t pull one.  I did get a load of the Bonus Cards, including a full set of 10 from this box.  Beckett doesn’t list an insertion rate for these cards.  I got 14 in the box’s 36 packs.  That works out to close to 1:2.5 packs.
  • puzzle cards
    Technically this is an insert set, but it deserves special mention.  Donruss was forced by Topps to include puzzles with its cards.  (I can’t imagine a bunch of serious lawyers drafting an agreement about puzzles.)  The puzzle in 1991 was Willie Stargell.  I got a complete puzzle, but almost every single piece has residue from the wax pack.  Oh well, no great loss.


Nobody is going to consider 1991 Donruss to be a favorite set.  It’s pretty plain, but I really do like the middle names and nicknames on the back.  I also like the fact that the All-Star cards aren’t just the player’s basic card with an All-Star logo splashed on the front.  This box really wasn’t that bad.

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One response to “Break – 1991 Donruss 1

  1. The coolest thing about 91 Donruss is that you have a shot at getting an Elite Series card. I remember being about 9 or 10 and pulling an Elite Cecil Fielder and seeing it was numbered to 10,000. There were a lot of boxes back then, so they’re a rare card even today. Of all the 1/1s and 1/10s and crap that I’ve pulled over the years, nothing tops my Cecil Fielder pull from 91 Donruss.

    Thanks for sharing! I just picked up 12 boxes of 1996 Upper Deck Collectors Choice today. Not sure if I paid too much or not. Send me an email if you want to open a box for your site.

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