Pack – 1992 SkyBox Pre-Rookie AA

Beckett Set Notes (from set page)

“This 310-card standard-size set has glossy color action player photos bordered in white. Early cards of Jim Edmonds, Brian Giles and Mike Piazza are featured in this set.”

Pack Contents

15 cards


$0.40 (part of a large group of packs picked up at a show)


Here is the pack – a poly pack.

Insert / Parallel List

This is a simple product.  There isn’t a single insert or parallel to worry about.  Is that good or bad?  You decide.


5 – Darren Hodges (front and back)

26 – John Johnstone (front and back)

305 – Checklist (front and back)

Other cards in the pack

67 – Ben Shelton
95 – Oreste Marrero
102 – Don Strange
112 – Erik Schullstrom
134 – Mike Mohler
153 – Brent Knackert
179 – Tony Bridges
186 – Mark Parnell
199 – J.R. Phillips
228 – Andy Carter
260 – Dan Rambo
269 – David Hulse


There is one word that describes this pack and product – vanilla.  This isn’t even vanilla bean or French vanilla.  It’s just vanilla.  Maybe if this was a 1992 SkyBox USA Basketball pack, then I would feel differently.

Other 1992 SkyBox Pre-Rookie AA pack rips or box breaks (slim pickings!)

Pack Rip by 25 Years of Baseball (AAA, not AA)


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