Pack – 1999 Topps Stars

Beckett Set Notes (from set page)

“The 1999 Topps Stars set was issued in one series for a total of 180 cards and distributed in six-card packs with a suggested retail price of $3. The set features action color player photos printed on 20-point card stock with foil-stamping, flood gloss, and metallic inks. The backs carry five-star player evaluation. The set features the following subsets: Luminaries (151-170) and Supernovas (171-180). Rookie Cards include Pat Burrell, Alex Escobar, Nick Johnson and Alfonso Soriano.”

Pack Contents

6 cards


$0.40 (part of a large group of packs picked up at a show)


This is a Home Team Advantage pack.  Beckett doesn’t say anything about hobby, retail, or HTA lines for 1999 Stars.

Insert / Parallel List

For the life of me I cannot figure out the mess of parallels and inserts in product.  Suffice it to say that there are lots and lots of them.


2 – Chipper Jones – Two Star Foil Parallel (front and back)

73 – Craig Biggio (front and back)

77 – Todd Walker – One Star Foil Parallel (front and back)

86 – Matt Williams – Two Star Foil Parallel (front and back)

88 – Kenny Lofton (front and back)

174 – Ben Grieve – Super Novas Subset (front and back)


If you’re reading this post and thinking, “There’s no way you could pull those parallels from one pack,” then you’re probably right.  I have no clue whether some of these are foils or not.  Normally I’d make an effort to try to nail down all the details of the cards for the sake of this blog, but this product is beyond me.  Actually, I was against this product from the get-go because I was thinking it was a pack of 1998 Stars.  1998 Stars has all serial-numbered cards.  Unfortunately, 1999 Stars is nowhere near as interesting.

OK, enough of my complaining – What do I think of these cards? Boring.  This seems to be just another product thrown out the door by Topps onto the heap of other ill-conceived card products.  The late 90s had its fair share of stupid sets, and 1999 Stars is one of them.

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