Break – 1997 X-Press


base cards: 123 of 150 – 82.0% complete (54 doubles, 11 triples)
Far and Away: 1 of 18 – 5.6% complete
Men of Summer: 3 of 150 – 2.0% complete
Swing for the Fences: 12 of 60 – 20.0% complete
Swing for the Fences Booster Points: 12 of ???

Selected Base cards

10 – Hideo Nomo (front and back)

134 – Scott Rolen – 1997 Rookie (front and back)

139 – Ken Griffey Jr. – Peak Performer (front and back)

150 – Chase Checklist with Hideo Nomo (front and back)

Selected insert cards

Far and Away – 12 – Darin Erstad (front and back)

Men of Summer – 65 – Will Clark (front and back)

Men of Summer – 100 – Jeff Fassero (front only)
Men of Summer – 103 – Andy Benes (front only)

Swing for the Fences – NNO – Barry Larkin (front)
Swing for the Fences Booster Points – NNO – +8


  • base cards
    Pinnacle seems to always have nice cards.  They have a little flash with just the right amount of restraint.  I am not much for the horizontal design, but these are still good looking cards.  A base set of 150 also feels about right.
  • subsets
    X-Press has two subsets, the 1997 Rookies and Peak Performers.  It’s pretty much by the book.  A subset for the rookies and another for the super stars.  Regardless, it’s fine.  They look different and stand out (but not too much) from the base cards.  There is a reason all the card companies follow the same formula – the formula works pretty well.  (OK, they all might be a bit lazy as well.)
  • insert cards
    The inserts are pretty predictable too.  One is a full parallel set (actually kind of novel in 1997), another is a pretty easy insert, and the last is a tough (1:288 packs), serial-numbered insert.  Predictable or not, they’re decent looking cards.  I like them, although I didn’t pull the more difficult Melting Pot insert.
  • game cards
    Who doesn’t love a game?  I might not get this right, but here goes…  The Swing for the Fences game was about matching the number of home runs hit by the AL and NL leader with player and point (HR) game cards.  At the end of the season, if a collector sent in the right player card (Swing for the Fences card) with the right number of Booster Points (sum total), then Pinnacle sent the collector some redemption cards.  The Swing for the Fences player cards are little more than very flimsy baseball cards.  The Booster Points have a range of values.  I got anything from +8 to –4, but I’ve seen others like –8.


This was a nice box.  Why did Pinnacle fold if they put out great products like this?  What’s best is that these boxes can be found for nothing.  They’re certainly out there for under $20.  This product also came in a big mama, 36-pack version.  These can be found for under $20 as well.

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