eBay lot – Stickers stickers everywhere

I am a Mario Soto fan.  He is one of my favorite Cincinnati Reds players from the 1980s.  I occasionally give eBay a look-see and hunt for unique Mario Soto items.  Unfortunately, Mario mostly played in the 1980s when the most unique cards are limited to things like Slurpee discs.

For some time now (well over a year) there has been a lot of Mario Soto 1983 Topps Stickers listed on eBay.  What is special or unique about this?  Oh nothing, except the lot contains over 5,800 stickers, all just sticker number #234.  You could wallpaper a room with these (if that floats your boat).

The seller claims that these came from a vending case break he did.  Hold on.  This set has 330 stickers.  If he pulled nearly 6,000 Soto stickers, then he probably pulled about 6,000 of all the other stickers.  That would be almost 2 million stickers.  Either a vending case is as big as a house, or 1983 Topps Stickers had some bigtime collation issues.

Note that the seller has more than just Mario Soto stickers.  If you’re a Bill Matlock, Dave Steib, Bruce Sutter, or Buddy Bell fan, you are also in luck.

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