Pack – 1994 Topps 2

Beckett Set Notes (from set page)

“These 792 standard-size cards were issued in two series of 396. Two types of factory sets were also issued. One features the 792 basic cards, ten Topps Gold, three Black Gold and three Finest Pre-Production cards for a total of 808. The other factory set (Bakers Dozen) includes the 792 basic cards, ten Topps Gold, three Black Gold, nine 1995 Topps Pre-Production cards and a sample pack of three special Topps cards for a total of 817. The standard cards feature glossy color player photos with white borders on the fronts. The player’s name is in white cursive lettering at the bottom left, with the team name and player’s position printed on a team color-coded bar. There is an inner multicolored border along the left side that extends obliquely across the bottom. The horizontal backs carry an action shot of the player with biography, statistics and highlights. Subsets include Draft Picks (201-210/739-762), All-Stars (384-394) and Stat Twins (601-609). Rookie Cards include Billy Wagner.”

Pack Contents

12 cards


$0.40 (part of a large group of packs picked up at a show)


The Series 2 packs are blue, and the Series 1 packs (my previous pack post) are red.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from pack)

Parallel – Topps Gold – 1:1
Parallel – Topps Black Gold – 1:72
Insert – Redemption card for 11 Black Gold cards – 1:180
Insert – Redemption card for 22 Black Gold cards – 1:720


529 – Steve Scarsone (front and back)

542 – Chris Sabo (front and back) [The great Reds player who was tough as nails and known as Spuds after the stupid Budweiser mascot.  I was bummed out when Sabo and his ruined knees were allowed to go to Baltimore.]

650 – Andy VanSlyke (front and back) [VanSlyke was a stud back in the day.  I grew up in NE Kentucky with a mix of Reds and Pirates fans.  I couldn’t stand VanSlyke.]

777 – Coming Attractions – Chipper and Klesko (front and back)

List of all cards in pack

533 – Roger Mason
542 – Chris Sabo
552 – Bill Krueger
567 – Mike Perez
625 – Charlie Hough
650 – Andy Van Slyke
680 – Ruben Sierra
710 – Orestes Destrade
714 – Tim Spehr
729 – Steve Scarsone
774 – Coming Attractions (Seattle Mariners)
777 – Coming Attractions (Atlanta Braves)


This pack, although a different series in the set, did not add much to the Series I pack I ripped last week.  I did like getting the Sabo card.  That guy was worshiped by Reds fans.  After having such a lousy Reds team for all the 80s, fans just about exploded when Sabo won rookie awards at the end of the decade.  Knee problems caused him to bounce around the majors before finishing with the Reds in 1996.

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