Bonus Pack – 1994-95 Ultra 2 BK (in honor of the Miami Heat)

In honor of the end of the NBA season, I am ripping a couple packs of 1994-95 Ultra 2 basketball.  I have ripped one of these packs before, so I will skip the niceties (image of the pack, description of the set, insert lists, etc.).  Of course, I’m throwing in a bit of commentary along the way.


278 – Brad Lohaus
280 – Khalid Reeves

Two players sporting the home and away jerseys of the Miami Heat.

230 – Jason Kidd
264 – Lamond Murray

Two players who played for Cal when Cal dumped my beloved Duke Blue Devils in the 1993 NCAA Tournament.  A third key player for Cal in that game was Monty Buckley (I think).  I had forgotten that Kidd started with the Mavs early in his career.

1 – Rebounding King – Derrick Coleman
6 – Rebounding King – Hakeem Olajuwon

Both packs had an insert.  That’s pretty good since these are supposed to be inserted at a rate of 1:2.


There aren’t many people still in the league from when these cards were issued.  I’m sure there are others, but Kidd and Grant Hill (not in either pack) are the only two I can name.  Aside from the fact that I’m writing about basketball cards, I admit that this post really has nothing to do with the Heat’s title.  Regardless, this is the only basketball material I have on hand.  It will have to do.  So, congratulations Miami Heat.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Here are the full contents of both packs.

Pack one:
221 – Bill Wennington
234 – Jalen Rose
242 – Oliver Miller
259 – John Williams
262 – Matt Fish
264 – Lamond Murray
275 – Tony Smith
278 – Brad Lohaus
285 – Johnny Newman
286 – Ed Pinckney
300 – Herb Williams
303 – Gertt Hammink
320 – Wayman Tisdale
350 – Checklist
Rebounding Kings 1 – Derrick Coleman

Pack two:
211 – David Wesley
213 – Scott Burrell
230 – Jason Kidd
252 – David Wood
254 – Scott Brooks
267 – Pooh Richardson
274 – Anthony Miller
280 – Khalid Reeves
304 – Tree Rollins
306 – Brian Shaw
311 – B.J. Tyler
338 – Sarunas Marciulionis
341 – John Crotty
345 – Doug Overton
Rebounding Kings 6 – Hakeem Olajuwon


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