M. I. A.

I am pretty irritated right now.  I wanted to do a post about a couple cards (inserts) I picked up last month.  Unfortunately, the cards have decided to disappear.  I cannot find them.

Oh sure, I’ve looked.  I feel like I’ve looked everywhere.  They’re just gone.  What really steams me is that I checked them off my list.  I’m not supposed to check them off until the cards are in their box.  Of course, I’m supposed to do a lot of things.

So, here I am looking for these two stupid cards.  They only set me back $1.50 for the pair, so it’s not some huge financial hit.  Still, it will gnaw on me.  I’m the woman searching for her lost coin.

Officially, I’ve already called of the search.  I’m not looking for survivors anymore; this is a recovery operation.  Rest assured, they’ll turn up.  They’ll be in my tax return file.  Or maybe they’ll be stuck in with the wrong set.  Maybe they’ll be under the couch.  I won’t know whether to be happy or angry.

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