Bonus Break – 1990 Bowman

In the past two weeks I’ve posted two other breaks of 1990 Bowman.  Since I bought three boxes, this will be the last one.  After a preview, a break, and another break, what is left to say?  Admittedly, there isn’t much, but this box did yield a little surprise.  As with the other boxes, this one (as part of the group) cost me $3.97 plus $3.00 shipping.


Normally I’m pretty good about keeping track of how many of each card I get from a box.  This time, since it’s box #3 of 1990 Bowman, I got a little lazy.

Base cards

The base cards of 1990 Bowman haven’t changed over the past two weeks, so there isn’t much point in showing a bunch of them again.  One card did catch my eye.  It was less about the card or the picture and more about the name…

333 Joey Belle

I wouldn’t have guessed that Albert Belle went by Joey at one time, but who am I to question 1990 Bowman?  I looked it up on Baseball Reference.  They know Albert goes by Joey.  I guess I’m just not in the loop.


I promised a surprise, and here it is.  The top of this box had a folded advertising poster.  I’m not sure how common these things are.  Maybe every box had one.  All I know is that of my three boxes, only this last one had a poster.  It is about 10 x 14.  The ball point pen gives you a feel for the size.  It’s nothing fancy, but it made the box a lot more interesting.  The cards featured on the front are Rickey Henderson (left) and Will Clark (right).


The real purpose of this box was to see if I could get close to finishing the set.  After two boxes I had 451 different cards in the 528-card set.  Once this box was done, I had 513.  Box #3 gave me just about as many new cards as box #2.  It shouldn’t work that way, but that’s what happened.  At just 15 cards shy of the full set, I’ll probably finish it off with a trip to Sportlots.

One response to “Bonus Break – 1990 Bowman

  1. I seem to remember that “Albert” is his birth name. He went by “Joey” for a long time, but when he kicked alcohol he went back to “Albert”. At least that’s the story that’s been stored away in my head for 20 years.

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