A rudderless ship

Around a month ago I ended my paternity leave from posting, dusted off the old blog, and went back to cards and writing.  At the time I decided that I would focus on boxes from the 90s.  It seemed like a good idea.  Lots of cheap boxes can be found from the 90s, and almost all have inserts (another restriction).

In the past week I’ve opened two (soon to be three) boxes of 1990 Bowman.  These cards have been great.  While going through them I’ve been wondering why I should limit what boxes I open?  If a 1990 box can be so much fun, why not open boxes from 1989 (with or without inserts)?

Therefore, from here on out, the gloves are off.  Any box is fair game.  To celebrate my new freedom, look for an 80s Sportflics box in the near future.

2 responses to “A rudderless ship

  1. I’ve busted so many boxes of 1991 Bowman that it’s not even funny. It was weird watching the usually cheap boxes make a temporary jump in price back when grading was all the rage. Lots of people were ripping those boxes because of all of the great rookies in there. Eventually people realized that graded versions of 1991 Bowman rookies weren’t all that much more valuable than raw versions since there was so much of the product out there. I still love the set though.

    Can’t wait to see the Sportflics break. One of my favorite sets from the 80.

  2. Sportflics! The sequential action shots are always the best. It was always lame when they sneakily crammed multiple stars on one card. Though it was pretty fun to slowly merge Pete Rose’s face into Steve Garvey’s face. Freaky!

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