Break – 1990 Bowman

Just last week I posted a break of a box of 1990 Bowman.  I actually bought three boxes.  On average, each box cost $3.97 plus $3.00 s/h.  The first box left me 140 cards short of a set, so I figured I’d open another box and see what comes out.


base cards: 380 of 528 – 73.5% complete (124 duplicates)
Art Inserts (1:1): 11 of 11 – 100% (25 duplicates and higher)

Base cards

Base cards are base cards.  The previous box post shows some cards.  The one notable card I got in this box was Sammy Sosa, one of the key rookies in the set.  Sosa is just about unrecognizable.  I wonder if he could selectively forget how to speak English all the way back in 1990.

312 Sammy Sosa (unrecognizable & I’m not sure I ever knew that he started out on the south side of Chicago)


This box was just about on the money with the first.  The first gave 388 different card; this one gave 380. Based on a little math, the first box gave 73.5% of a set, and the second box gave 72.0%.

The two boxes together (if random) should give almost a complete set – 528 cards.  How complete?  Here’s the formula for the number of cards not found between the two boxes.

missing cards = 528 * (1 – 0.735) * (1 – 0.720) = 39 cards (39.2)

If the two boxes in fact left only 39 missing cards, then that would be 489 different cards.  What did I have after opening both boxes? – 451.  That’s not quite 489, but it’s not terrible.

I have a third box of 1990 Bowman that I’ll probably open and see how close I can get to a complete set.

2 responses to “Break – 1990 Bowman

  1. Where did you get the boxes from?

    • The ebay seller was kearheat. He’s not listing any now, but with a little patience, you should be able to pick up a few boxes at a good price.

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