If page hits were base hits…

Sometime yesterday this blog reached 4,256 page views.  For any Reds fan, 4,256 is a special number.  It is the number of career base hits for Pete Edward Rose (below).  Relax.  I’m not going to get into the tired HOF debate.  I’m just excited about the number.

Pete in Las Vegas in 2008 (photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started this blog about 11 months ago.  Is 4,256 hits any good for 11 months?  I don’t think it’s much to brag about.  For comparison, Crinkly Wrappers started at almost exactly the same time my blog did.  Crinkly Wrappers is fixing to pass 17,000 hits in the near future.  That’s a mere four times the hits of this blog.

OK, so 4,000 hits in a year kind of sucks.  Regardless, topping Pete Rose in hits isn’t bad.


One response to “If page hits were base hits…

  1. Been awhile since I saw old Pete, looks pretty good. I would not worry about the hit count so much. Worry about content, the hits will come later, if you are putting out good stuff.

    Kind of like the movie … “If you build it … they will come.”


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