A delight to the senses

This week I posted about opening my first true wax box, Bowman 1990.  The product was straight from the late 80s – generic design, flimsy stock.  There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s just not up to the innovation of the 90s. If the box was so lousy, why bring it back up?  Well, the product was weak, but the experience was awesome.

I had forgotten the smell of the gum in packs.  I had forgotten the little wax flakes that get everywhere when the packs are opened.  I had forgotten how smoothly the wax layers separate when you tease two folds apart.  I had forgotten the gritty feel of the cards from the powder coating of the gum.  I had also forgotten the joy of wax and gum stains.  Despite the stains, this was a fun box to open.  It took me back about 30 years.


One response to “A delight to the senses

  1. I noticed holding a 1982 reprint from last years set how odd it felt to see it on bright white card stock. I always think of it as such a dark set. That smelled like gum and cardboard.

    I know just what you mean. I’m thinking of ordering some old 80’s boxes to fill in some hole in my set collection. That nostalgic feeling is a big reason why.

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