A collecting rain-out (kind of)

I was hoping to scan some new pickups for today’s post.  Unfortunately, I got a little surprise.  But first, I need to tell a little story.

My wife and I moved about a year ago.  Since we moved, we’ve had trouble with a shower drain.  I can normally get it going with Drain-o, but the latest round in the drain war has gone to the shower.  As a last ditch effort, I figured I’d let the water pool in the shower and then take a plunger to it.  I did, and it seemed to help some.

After being such an industrious husband, I went outside with my wife and kids.  My wife went inside only to quickly run back out to say that it was raining in the kitchen.  Uh oh.  The kitchen is under the bathroom.  I had broken something.

We’ve already had a plumber by the house.  With the plumber making a lot of racket in the bathroom off our room, my wife put our baby (four-months old) in the spare room for the night.  The spare room has the scanner.  So, because of rain in the kitchen, this post is a bust.


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