Preview – 1990 Bowman

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett set page)

The 1990 Bowman set (produced by Topps) consists of 528 standard-size cards. The cards were issued in wax packs and factory sets. Each wax pack contained one of 11 different 1950’s retro art cards. Unlike most sets, player selection focused primarily on rookies instead of proven major leaguers. The cards feature a white border with the player’s photo inside and the Bowman logo on top. The card numbering is in team order with the teams themselves being ordered alphabetically within each league. Notable Rookie Cards include Moises Alou, Travis Fryman, Juan Gonzalez, Chuck Knoblauch, Ray Lankford, Sammy Sosa, Frank Thomas, Mo Vaughn, Larry Walker, and Bernie Williams.

Box Contents

36 packs with 14 cards per pack


$6.97 on eBay ($3.97 auction with $3.00 shipping) – part of a 3-box lot


Being from way back in 1990, the 1990 Bowman boxes are not sealed.  Oh, the innocent days of card collecting.  Will Clark makes the cover of the box and big names like Kevin Mitchell and Todd Zeile are shown on the sides.  Again, these were innocent days.  The age of PEDs was about to dawn and power hitters would push everyone aside in all baseball card promotions.

In 1990 Bowman still had true wax packs (with gum even).  This really brings back some memories.  In the short history of this blog, this is the first box I’ve opened that has true wax packs.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from Beckett)

Art Inserts – 11 cards – 1:1


The Bowman line came along well after I had left collecting, and I don’t know too much about this product.  Now it’s clearly a standard part of Topps’ portfolio, but the early Bowman years have always looked pretty weak to me.  Then again, what in baseball cards wasn’t weak back in 1990.  (OK, Upper Deck’s use of autographed cards in 1990 was a great idea.)

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