Break – 1992 Triple Play


base cards: 199 of 264 – 75.4% complete (338 duplicates and higher)
Gallery (1:12): 3 of 6 – 50%

Some base cards with back variations

The base cards are just that – base. Here are some representations and highlights.

1 Skydome

6 Andy Van Slyke – Little Hotshots

26 Steve Finley / Gary Carter – Awesome Action

30 Hal Morris

31 Barry Larkin


Gallery – GS4 Steve Sax


  • collation
    This box was terrible in terms of collation.  When I ripped the packs, I put the cards in stacks based on their number in the set.  Some number ranges had a huge stack, and others had almost nothing. I actually got 7 copies each of 171 Chuck Knoblauch and 177 Kirk Dressendorfer. How can a box fork over 7 copies of some cards and only give about 75% of the set.  Interestingly, the cards in the packs were normally inserted as every sixth card in the set (e.g., 5, 11, 17, 23…).
  • subsets
    Triple Play had two subsets in 1992: Little Hotshots and Awesome Action. The Little Hotshots show a major leaguer as a little leaguer. Maybe kids like this (or maybe it’s just a bad idea for a subset). The Awesome Action subset shows a player or multiple players in some on-field action. These cards are fine, but it’s hard to look at the grainy photos of the early 1990s and be impressed. Stadium Club’s debut in 1992 really showed how lousy the photography was on baseball cards.
  • inserts
    This is a 1992 kids product, so the inserts aren’t much to write home about.  Still, I think a 1:12 insert was considered to be pretty special back in the early 90s. The Gallery cards even have a little foil on them.
  • game cards
    Each pack contained a game card. Rub off the bases. Any matches give a winner. Two matches gives you three packs of Triple Play (1:23). Three matches gives you a Triple Play baseball cap (1:23,151). Four matches gives you the Grand Prize – a trip for four to the 1992 MLB All-Star Game (1:23,150,400). The “match” on the game cards is the text “Triple Play”. Other phrases used on the cards include home run, single, double, triple, ground out, fly out, line out, pop out, and strike out.
  • print run
    The game cards are inserted at a rate of one per pack.  If the odds on the cards are right, there must be 23,151,400 packs of Triple Play.  That’s about 643,000 boxes. That’s almost 350,000,000 Triple Play cards, or about 1.3 million complete sets. Junk wax indeed.


Aside from the collation, this box was great to open.  Around 1990 was my peak of following baseball, not just my Reds but baseball in general. Seeing cards of players from this era was a nice walk down memory lane. The card quality is terrible.  The pictures are grainy. So what. For $10 this box was a steal (but one is enough).

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