Singles – 1998 Pinnacle EPIX

One of my many sets-in-progress is 1998 Pinnacle EPIX.  This is a mess of an insert set spread across several Pinnacle issues.  The 1998 Pinnacle flagship issue consists of 24 cards.  The base set has an orange background, while two rarer parallel sets are purple and emerald.  I’m only after the base insert set.

Over the past week I’ve picked up two of the 24 to give me a grand total of 17.  I won (bid victoriously) both on eBay.  One was EPIX Moment Mark McGwire E18,  and the other was EPIX Game Jeff Bagwell E3.  These are really pretty cool with Pinnacle’s Dufex technology.  The swirls and shapes in the background move when the cards are turned against the light.  It’s like Sportflics but better.

1998 Pinnacle EPIX Game Orange Jeff Bagwell E3

1998 Pinnacle EPIX Orange Mark McGwire E18


4 responses to “Singles – 1998 Pinnacle EPIX

  1. Nice pickups. Lovin’ the late-90s inserts!

    • They’re great (to quote Tony the Tiger). Back in the 90s everything was cooler. It’s much harder for the companies to be creative these days. How much can you really do with a piece of cardboard?

  2. Do you know about the different types of inserts within each color? I think there are three or four within each color. You’ve got two of the four there in game and moment. I think there’s season and career or something like that. Those also come in varying degrees of rarity.

    I love the Epix cards. I freed a few from giant Zenith cards. I’ve been chasing as many of the different Piazza variations that I can find.

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