The new deal

Getting this blog rolling again is a little like firing up the mower for the first time in the spring. Rip the cord a few times and hope it sputters to life. I don’t have the energy to run the blog like I did before, so here are the new changes.

  • fewer posts: In my zeal to continuously increase my number of page views (never a very successful endeavor), I quickly ramped up to posting every day. The fact is I just don’t have that much to say. I would like to aim for three posts a week. The topics…
  • box breaks: This blog is about box breaks. That’s what I enjoy, and I think others do too. Furthermore, I’m no hobby insider, so I don’t have any great insight on new products. Like before I’ll post a box preview one week and the break on the next week.
  • card stuff: In picking up cards, there is always something to be said here and there. Hopefully I’ll be able to muster one post a week.
  • anything else: Just the usual suspects – Tiger’s personal life, Favre’s unretirements, Pujols’ contract woes

My collection is changing too. I started this blog by just going after base sets, and then I switched over to inserts and parallels. I’m going to back to base sets and inserts (no parallels). Furthermore, I don’t collect serial numbered cards. For some reason, when a serial number goes on a card, it costs far more than its rarity would indicate.

That’s the plan. My first box preview under version 2.0 of this blog will be posted on Monday.

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