Don’t call it a comeback

It has been just about six months since my last post.  Since I know that everyone is dying to know what my deal has been, I will give a brief accounting of myself…

Last fall my wife was pregnant with our third child.  I was able to keep up a frantic (for me) pace of posting until the pre-birth chores finally caught up with me.  Once I missed one post, I just kept on missing more.  Of course, once the baby arrived at the end of December, I was never going to get back into posting mode.  The baby is now four-months-old and doing great.  My wife has gotten the baby on a schedule, and our house, while still totally frantic, is starting to function again.

I never lost the blogging itch, but I think I now have a little free time to do some posting.  With the third child, I think my collecting and posting will need to be re-focused.  Still, this blog will continue to be about opening affordable boxes.  I cover my new plans in an upcoming post.

One response to “Don’t call it a comeback

  1. Congratulations! Can’t wait for more old school breaks.

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