Pack – 1997 Leaf 2

Beckett Set Notes (from pack page)

“The 400-card Leaf set was issued in two separate 200-card series. 10-card packs carried a suggested retail of $2.99. Each card features color action player photos with foil enhancement. The backs carry another player photo and season and career statistics. The set contains the following subsets: Legacy (188-197/348-367), Checklists (198-200/398-400) and Gamers (368-397). Rookie Cards in this set include Jose Cruz Jr., Brian Giles and Hideki Irabu. In a tie in with the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s major league debut, Donruss/Leaf also issued some collectible items. They made 42 all-leather jackets (issued to match Robinson’s uniform number). There were also 311 leather jackets produced (to match Robinson’s career batting average). 1,500 lithographs were also produced of which Rachel Robinson (Jackie’s widow) signed 500 of them.”

Pack Contents

8 cards


$0.40 (part of a large group of packs picked up at a show)


The pack is a little cheap looking. A batting Frank Thomas graces the front.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from pack)

All sets are inserted at an unknown rate. The overall odds of pulling an insert or parallel from a pack are 1:7.

Fractal Matrix
Leagues of Nations
Warning Track
22KT Gold Leaf Stars
1948 Leaf Reprint of Jackie Robinson
Thomas Collection


222 – Travis Fryman (front and back)

203 – Mike Piazza (front and back)

248 – Todd Hundley
251 – Jeff Conine

339 – Brant Brown
348 – Frank Thomas Legacy

355 – Mark McGwire Legacy (front and back)

contest card (front and back)


Nothing special here. I do like the backs with the fairly large second shot of the player. The thing that really steams me on this pack is that one of the eight cards was a contest card. For crying out loud, how can this be a card that you’d count toward the contents of the pack?!? Maybe this pack was shorted a card, but still. That sucks.

I couldn’t find any other blog’s ripping 1997 Leaf 2 products, but 90s Box Breaks has posted a box break for 1997 Leaf 1.


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