A milestone reached

After 4+ months of blogging, I have finally hit 100 posts.  Today is number 101. What is the most important thing I’ve learned after 100 posts? – keep post titles short yet mysterious.

Unlike most people, I am a Reds fan. If I write a post about the Reds (and it’s clear from the title), then few people will read it. If I make an obscure reference to in the title, people can’t seem to resist clicking on it.

What else have I learned? – not much. Every time I think I have something figured out, something happens to prove me wrong. For example, over time I decided that Sunday was the worst day for my blog (based on page views). Now I think it’s neither good or bad – just another day.

What’s in store for the next 100 posts? Who knows. I can see that cranking out 6 posts per week is getting a bit tiring, so the next 100 posts might require more than 4 months.


3 responses to “A milestone reached

  1. Good luck with the next 100. I just started using this blogsite and still am not sure which theme to use. I selected Duotone because it’s a good photogaphy site – however, I’m not sure I like the total layout – it’s very limiting. There are other things I’d like to talk about other than photography, but can’t seem to find a theme that I really like totally. I’ll keep on truckin’, though.

    • Keep at it. I find the layout to be less of a limitation than my time to write. Try to find similar minded blogs and take ideas that you like.

  2. I think with 100+ blogs in 4 months, you’re doing very well. I know what you mean about the time, though. Also sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to write, so you have to get past that barrier.

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