Remembering Riverfront

I hoped that the Reds would stick around for long enough for me to wax poetic about being a Reds fan. The Phillies made sure that the Reds didn’t enjoy a deep post-season run. Well, congratulations Phillies. I hope you mow through the Giants just as easily. Despite the Reds’ folding like a house of cards, I’m still going to fit in one Reds story for old times’ sake.

When I was in high school in northeast Kentucky, the coolest thing my friends could do was make the two-hour drive over to Cincinnati and take in a Reds game. In our first trip, we bought tickets at the stadium – Riverfront Stadium. The ticket lady said that the closest she could get us to behind home plate was in the upper deck on the third base side. (Clearly, the Reds were a better draw back then.) That was to say, those seats were the best we could get unless we went “Top 6”.

“What is Top 6?” we asked. Top 6 meant we were in the top 6 rows in the stadium. Since those were clearly loser seats, we said no thank you. As it turns out, our “better” seats were in the seventh to last row.

After that first trip, we always went Top 6 for our seats. They were $3.50 each. Good old Aisle 304 was always available – directly behind home plate. They were perfect. I cannot say how many game we saw from those seats – maybe 10 or so. It was less about baseball and more about feeling like we were the coolest cats in town. To top it off, we’d either hit Skyline Chili or White Castle on the way home. Those were some good times.

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