NBA preseason special – 1994-95 Fleer Ultra 2 BK

Did you notice that the NBA preseason started this week? I didn’t think so. What with the baseball playoffs and various NFL stories (the Randy Moss trade and Brett Favre’s wandering eyes), the NBA just can’t buy any publicity. Well, here is my blog to the rescue. Here is a pack of 1994-95 Fleer Ultra 2 basketball for your reading pleasure.

I picked this pack up for $0.57 in a group lot off eBay. It was advertised as a bunch of baseball packs, but the seller had some basketball in the mix too. I don’t collect basketball cards. Since I can still get a post out of these packs, I don’t mind keeping them.

Here is the pack. It is priced at $2.69 ($3.79 Canadian). This wasn’t a cheap product.

Here are the cards – all 15.

239 – Grant Hill (front and back)
I am a Duke fan, and I know a lot of people cannot stand Duke. Grant has somehow avoided the hate that so many of the 1990s Duke players endure. Even Carolina fans can tolerate talking about Grant Hill.

297 – Jayson Williams (front and back)
This guy’s story is tragic. What a fall.

208 – Greg Minor (aka Baby Jordan)
214 – Darrin Hancock

217 – Jud Buechler
219 – Larry Krystkowiak

229 – Donald Hodge
253 – Tim Breaux

246 – Tom Gugliotta (loved him at NC State)
288 – Howard Eisley

263 – Tony Massenburg
291 – Donyell Marshall

327 – Michael Smith
342 – Jamie Watson

2 – A. C. Green – Rebound King insert (front and back)

These are OK cards. I am a sucker for foil stamps, but a big foil stamp on each card? – no thanks. It’s too much. Getting the one insert was a plus. The Rebound Kings cards were inserted in every other series 2 packs – not a huge pull.

As for the 2010-11 NBA season – I’m pulling for the Lakers.

One response to “NBA preseason special – 1994-95 Fleer Ultra 2 BK

  1. john bateman

    This reminds me that back when this set first came out I picked up one pack and got Grant Hill and Jason Kidd in it (and i remember the Gugs card). At the time they were the big two rookie hits but today I doubt they are worth more than a dollar.

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