Break – 1994 Stadium Club 3


base cards: 178 of 180 – 98.9% complete (74 duplicates, 11 triplicates)
Golden Rainbow (1:1): 24 of 180 – 13.3%
Dugout Dirt (1:6): 3 of 4 – 75% (1 duplicate)
First Day Issue (1:24): 1 of 180 – 0.5%
Finest (1:6): 4 of 10 – 40%

Some base cards with backs

I have shown a number of base cards through the other two 1994 Stadium Club breaks. I just have two here. One is Rickey Henderson – quintessential Rickey. Rickey may have said, “I love me some me,” before Terrell Owens made it famous.

The other base card is Andy Van Slyke. Van Slyke seems to be having a tough day in this shot. Of course, playing for the Pirates isn’t much fun. Trying to hatch a batting helmet isn’t any picnic either.

Series 3 includes its fair share of subsets.

Eddie Murray – Active All-Time Career Leader

Hector Carrasco – Rookie Rocket

The ML Debut cards from Series 1 and 2 continue into Series 3 with a twist. Players who debuted in 1993 have the standard appearance. Players who debuted in 1994 (possible in the Series 3 issue) have their ML Debut logo in red foil. These standout nicely from the other cards. The backs are just like all the base cards.

Jose Rijo – Fantastic Finishers

Inserts and parallels

The Golden Rainbow parallel is inserted at a rate of one per pack. They switch all the red foil of the base cards with gold foil. The Golden Rainbow parallels of the 1994 ML Debut cards are particularly sharp. The backs are just like the base cards.

The Dugout Dirt inserts continue in Series 3 with four per box. They kind of look like the Golden Rainbow parallels but the backs are done up like cartoons.

Stadium Club has another parallel – First Day Issue. Here is Sterling Hitchcock. The back is just like the base card. By the way, I am  a sucker for the foil stamps.

Finally, we have the Finest insert set included at four per box. These are refractor-esque. The names are hard to read. They are Gonzalez, Bonds, Thomas, and Griffey.


  • collation
    In previous box breaks I have been able to make comments about trends across the packs in the box. I can’t this time since I deleted that information while clearly junk off my laptop’s desktop. From what I remember, the packs in this box were much like the Series 2 packs. I do think I found some similar packs (similar base cards) while going through the box. My sense was that the packs were bundled as two half-packs. Some halves of packs were the same but the other halves were different.
  • subsets
    Eh. I could take them or leave them. The base cards are so great that the subsets just can’t hold their own.
  • inserts and parallels
    To be consistent, I will continue my rant on Dugout Dirt. Stupid. Two full parallels, Golden Rainbow and First Day Issue, is probably too much. I do like the Finest cards.


Awesome product! All three series were great breaks. It’s too bad that Topps let Stadium Club get stale and weird before dropping the line altogether.

One thing I did learn about this set is that the First Day Issue cards had a print run of 2,000. (It’s no secret. I just hadn’t seen it on Beckett until recently.) FDI is inserted at one per box. So, 2,000 FDI cards of each of the 180 base cards in Series 3 gives a total of 360,000 FDI cards and therefore 360,000 Series 3 boxes. What is in those 360,000 boxes? Let’s see.

  • 2,000 sets of FDI – we’ve already covered this
  • 8.64 million packs
  • Each pack has 12 cards. Of those 12 cards, 11 are base cards and 1 is a Golden Rainbow. The other cards (Dugout Dirt, FDI, and Finest) are extra cards. If the pack doesn’t have a DD, FDI, or Finest card, it instead has a information card or card on joining the Stadium Club.
  • So, 8.64 million packs have 11 base cards each for a grand total of 95.04 million Series 3 TSC cards. At 180 cards for the base set, that’s 528,000 complete sets. I think that’s enough for everyone who is interested.
  • 8.64 million packs gives 8.64 million Golden Rainbow cards. As a set of 180 cards, that comes to 48,000 Golden Rainbow sets. That’s also 1/11th the number of the base cards because there are 11 base cards per Golden Rainbow card.
  • Back to the boxes, if DD is found at a rate of four per box, then there are 1,440,000 DD cards. That’s 360,000 sets of Dugout Dirt, a four-card set.
  • The Finest cards are also four per box, so 1,440,000 Finest cards. Since the Finest set has ten cards, that’s only 144,000 sets of Finest.

If you do the same math for Series 1 and 2, you can figure out the total number of other sets in the 1994 Stadium Club family. The numbers end up being the same for the base set, Golden Rainbow, and FDI. Because the base sets are larger in Series 1 and 2 (270 cards each), there are more boxes (540,000 boxes of each series). The number of Super Team Card sets (Series 1, one per box, 28 card set) is approximately 19,285. The number of Bowman Preview sets (Series 2, one per box, 10 card set) is 54,000. The number of Dugout Dirt sets (Series 1 and 2, four per box, 4 card set) is 540,000. Note that Series 3 Dugout Dirt cards are scarcer (although not scarce by any measure) than Series 1 or 2. To recap…

  • base sets (all series): 528,000
  • Golden Rainbow sets (all series): 48,000
  • First Day Issue sets (all series): 2,000 (as per Beckett)
  • Dugout Dirt sets (Series 1 and 2): 540,000
  • Dugout Dirt sets (Series 3): 360,000
  • Super Team Card sets (Series 1): ~19,285
  • Bowman Preview sets (Series 2): 54,000
  • Finest sets (Series 3): 144,000

All these numbers rely on the print run of FDI as 2,000 sets. If that number is wrong, then so is everything else.

Farewell, 1994 Stadium Club. You are a great set.

Detailed list of pack contents

Normally I’d list the pack information, but I lost it when I deleted a file. Sorry.

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