Memorable card – 1927 Zeenut Lingrel

I admit that I initially meant for these memorable card posts to be for modern cards or cards that I collected as a kid. I picked up this card less than two years ago (maybe within the past year). This was one of my last vintage cards.

What makes this card so special? It’s a Zeenut with the coupon intact. These coupons were redeemable for prizes, and most all Zeenuts still in existence today are coupon-free. I admit that a prettier example would be nice. Still, for the price at which I picked up this card, the condition isn’t bad.

The Zeenuts with coupons are pretty cool. In most years, Zeenut cards include the year somewhere on the front. This one has a ’27’ above the player’s name – so this is a 1927 card. In the later years of Zeenuts, the cards had the same appearance for several years in a row and did not have a year number on the card. The coupon with its expiration date is the only way to date the card. Cards that lack a coupon cannot be nailed to a specific year.

2 responses to “Memorable card – 1927 Zeenut Lingrel

  1. I just picked up two Zee Nuts myself. They are really classy looking cards. That’s a great card you’ve got there, wear and all.

  2. Marc Schoenen

    That’s a really great card! I love Zeenuts with coupons. If you’re ever looking to sell or trade any of your Zeenuts with coupons, please shoot me an e-mail at

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