Pack – 1999 Just

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett set page)

The Just base set was released in three separate series entitled Just Imagine, Just the Start and Justifiable in 1999. The set features 250-player cards.

Pack Contents

6 cards


$0.88 (in a large group of packs picked up off eBay)


A nice foil pack – apparently they didn’t want to splurge on little things (like a splash of color here or there).

Insert / Parallel List (taken from the pack)

Just Black parallel – 1:240
Just News insert – 5 cards – 1:240
Just Power insert – 10 cards – 1:24
Just Due insert – 10 cards – 1:6
Authentic Autographs insert – unknown cards – 1:12
Just Nine box topper – 9 cards – 1:24


5 – Rick Ankiel (front and back)

11 – Lance Berkman

19 – Alex Escobar
29 – Kenny Kelly

42 – Dernell Stenson
47 – Jayson Werth


I don’t really know how this set works.  The full set is 250 cards, issued across three sets. All the cards in this pack are numbered below 50, so maybe this pack is a Just Imagine pack. I don’t know.

Organization of the set aside, these are nice cards.  The stripe of color on the side looks great. The ragged white border also works. There is a Topps set from the 80s that I can’t remember that looks a little like these 1999 Just cards – ragged white border (but a little thicker and all the way around).

All in all, no complaints here on this set. I can’t see the fuss over premium minor league sets. I think the cards are nice, but there are enough major league cards to keep me satisfied. Regardless, these aren’t bad at all.

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