vintage vs modern – conclusion

Almost three months ago I started weekly posts on differences between collecting vintage and modern cards. Here’s what I came up with in ten different areas.

Opening packs – easily an advantage for modern

Players – a toss-up, depending on what you like – I like being able to watch the players I collect.

Affordability – a toss-up

Value – hands down vintage

Grading – a total hassle and modern has less grading – a win for modern

Trading – more people means more trades – advantage modern

Coolness – another easy win for vintage

Community – both have nice folks with modern having a lower percentage of flakes – score modern

Marketplace – top vintage cards are mostly restricted to auction houses, but most collectors (vintage and modern) can find plenty on eBay – no real advantage either way

Research – vintage cards have lots more unknowns than modern

According to my scorecard, modern collecting is better. That’s not exactly a surprise since I collect modern cards. A vintage collector would find a way for vintage cards to come out on top. Opening my own material and the huge modern collecting community are two big pluses in my eyes. I admit that I’m on the fringe of modern collectors because I don’t actively collect the latest releases.

I hate to let this series – vintage vs modern – die, but I think I’ve written all that I can on the subject. I could make up some stupid topics – which smell better, have prettier colors, etc. – but I think I’ve pretty much beat this topic to death already.

At the end of the day, as many (many) people have already said, “Collect what you like.”


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