Freebie cards for me

The only things better than baseball cards are free baseball cards. These two cards were thrown in with an eBay purchase. I’d say that these two cards are probably worth more than the card I bought (doesn’t say much for what I bought).

2009 Upper Deck X Die Cut – 22 Carlos Quentin

2010 Topps 2020 – T11 Joe Mauer

Both are nice cards. The 2009 Upper Deck X cards are regularly on eBay for pretty low prices. I might try to pick up a cheap box of them. The 2010 Topps 2020 cards have appeared on a number of blogs. They’re kind of like Sportflics but with better execution. The stars in the background move quite a bit as the card is tilted. It gives a true feeling of depth to the card.

These aren’t high dollar cards, but the seller could have easily inserted something like 1987 Topps. I mean these are really pretty cool as throw-ins on a cheap eBay purchase.


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