Standing on the precipice

The Reds’ magic number for clinching the NL Central is counting down.

Tuesday morning – 6
Wednesday morning – 4
Thursday morning – 3
Friday morning – 3
Saturday morning – 3

Since around Tuesday, even a pessimist like me has to admit that the Reds are going to win their first division title since the mid-1990s. It’s statistically possible for the Cardinals to do it, but it’s just not going to happen.

So, how long with the post-season journey be for the Reds. They’ll probably be paired up against the Giants or Padres. The Padres don’t scare me. (What does scare me? – the Reds’ bullpen.) The Giants would be tougher and have been hotter. Maybe the Padres and Giants will go down to the bitter end of the season so neither team can set up its pitching rotation. I am glad that the Phillies will probably face the wildcard. The Phillies are on fire, and their starting pitching blows the doors off what the Reds can put out there.

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