Insert set – 1994 Select MVP & ROY

I have written about the 1994 Select Salute cards – an insert set of just two cards from 1994 Select 1 seeded at a rate of 1:360 packs. The series 2 packs had another pair of cards inserted at the same rate. The series 2 cards had two subjects – Paul Molitor (the Select MVP) and Carlos Delgado (the Select ROY).

Paul Molitor – MVP1 (front and back)  …

Carlos Delgado – RY1 (front and back) …

The Select Salute cards were pretty bland – lots of earth tones. These, on the other hand, are actually pretty nice. The Delgado card especially has a little flair with the player’s initials being featured in the background. The series 2 inserts were head and shoulders better than series 1.

Like Select Salute, the MVP and ROY cards can be found easily on eBay. There may not always be one up for auction. Still, when they appear, they normally go for less than $5 shipped. I don’t know what they cost in 1994, but it had to be more than $5.


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