Memorable cards: 1982 Squirt

Last week I wrote about a trade for 1982 Cracker Jack uncut sheets. Another part of that trade was a full set of 1982 Squirt panels. These panels are designed to be hung on bottles of Squirt, a citrus soft drink. The complete set stands at 22 cards. The card is at the bottom and intended to be torn off from the dangle part. The cards themselves are basically Topps on the back and a custom Squirt design on the front.  Without the hanger tab, the cards are a standard 2.5″ x 3.5″.

Here are some highlights.

Pete Rose and Dave Concepcion

Tom Seaver (front and back)

I wish I could remember what I gave up in the trade. Getting the Cracker Jack and Squirt sets was pretty good. I couldn’t have had much more than some late 70s Topps cards to offer in exchange.

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