Pack – 1993-1994 Fleer Excel

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett pack page)

The 1993-94 Excel Minor League set consists of 300 cards featuring minor league players from AAA, AA and A teams. The cards are numbered and checklisted alphabetically within and according to major league teams for the NL and AL. Early card of Bob Abreu, Edgardo Alfonzo, Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi and Derek Jeter are featured in this set.

Pack Contents

14 cards


$0.40 (part of a large group of packs picked up at a show)


For a minor league product, this pack looks pretty nice. It maybe looks better than the Fleer flagship.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from pack)

All-Star Cards – 10 cards – 1:7 packs
League Leaders – 20 cards – 1:5 packs
1st Year Phenoms – 10 cards – 1:7 cards


40 – Olmedo Saenz – Birmingham Barons
97 – Dan Perkins – Elizabethton Twins

112 – Jorge Posada – Prince William Cannons (with back)

122 – George Williams – Huntsville Stars
126 – Jackie Nickell – Appleton Foxes

167 – Kennie Steenstra – Daytona Cubs
182 – Pat Watkins – Billings Mustangs

192 -Bryn Kosco – High Desert Mavericks
206 – James Mouton – Tuscon Toros

221 – Todd Williams – Albuquerque Dukes
242 – Preston Wilson – Kingsport Mets

249 – Mark Tranberg – Spartanburg Phillies
300 – Checklist

2 – Brian Link 1st Year Phenoms – Bluefield Orioles (front and back)


These are really nice cards. Seriously. I was expecting garbage, but this is a very good effort on the part of the Fleer. The design is simple. “Simple” sounds like an insult, but if I were to say “elegant”, that is some high praise indeed. I wouldn’t call these elegant, but they are nice. The backs feature a second full picture of the player. I also like the little gold foil stamp of the position player in the bottom left. I think this design element first showed up in 1973 Topps, but it’s been done in a few sets since then.

This isn’t a complete love fest. There were two disappointments. First is the lack of a minor league logo on the front. One of my favorite parts of minor league cards is seeing all the different minor league logos. Fleer hid the logos on the back of these cards. Second is the back of the insert card. The backs of the base cards are very colorful – great picture with the standard stats. The insert card is devoid of color. Regardless, this is an attractive set.

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