Preview – 2008 Upper Deck Documentary

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett set page)

This set was released on December 16, 2008. The base set consists of 4,890 cards.

Box Contents

24 packs with 15 cards per pack


$19.99 on eBay ($19.99 auction with free shipping)


This box has a lot of cards for 2008 – 24 15-card packs. It has various action scenes from the 2008 seasons on top. I forgot to measure the box before I tossed it.

The black foil packs look just like the box.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from the box)

Gold – 4,890 cards – 1:1 pack
All-Star Game/Home Run Derby – 60 cards – 1:4 packs
Seasonal Signatures – 60 cards – 1:24 packs

The All-Star Game and Home Run Derby cards are numbered differently, but they are really the same set.


How can a bona fide 2008 box of cards sell for under $20? I don’t know. This set must have been a total flop. Since the price is already down to $20, it will probably keep trending down for a while. The fact that Upper Deck is out of the MLB card business for the near future doesn’t help.

I love the idea of this set – a card for every game. The number of cards (4,890) is a bit unwieldy. I mean that is ridiculous. They could have cut that number in half if they truly made it a card for every game. As it stands, each team has a card for each of its games. Instead, they should have devoted the card to the winning team. Better teams have more cards. Crappy teams get fewer.

One gripe about this set is that the cards do not have in-game pictures for the date on the card. That’s pretty bad, but it would be hell to get nearly 5,000 game-appropriate card photos. Regardless of the fact that this set was a flop, I’m looking forward to breaking this box.

Other blogs have ripped 2008 Documentary packs. They include A Pack A Day and Stats on the Back.

2 responses to “Preview – 2008 Upper Deck Documentary

  1. john bateman

    I think they used about 10 different photos for one card. Thus, Alfonso Soriaono mave have 10 cards but all have the same photo.

    • I don’t have enough of the cards to know how much variety they put into the set. Although I mostly think the idea of the set is great, you can’t make up for bad execution. The collecting public seems to think this is a bad product (based on the box price alone).

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