Memorable cards: 1982 Cracker Jack sheets

When I was a kid, the younger brother of one of my friends collected cards. Actually, it was their dad who collected cards. I didn’t know enough to understand what he really had, but my friend told me that his dad had a 1869 Peck and Snyder Reds (scroll way down in link to see the Peck and Snyder). I’ll probably do another post on my friend’s dad later.

Anyway, the younger brother had some pretty cool stuff – cast-offs from his dad. On a few occasions I went over to their house to trade cards. Once we had a decently large trade. I don’t know what I could have had for him (Kellogg’s cards?), but I picked up the uncut sheets for the 1982 Cracker Jack set. I don’t know how these were distributed (mail-in offer?), but the sheets are very common. Mine have a nice corner crease in the upper left on both sheets. The cards were put out to promote the Cracker Jack Old Timers’ Game that year.


2 responses to “Memorable cards: 1982 Cracker Jack sheets

  1. I picked up the set (2 sheets) for 99 cents on E-Bay.

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