Pack – 1992 Fleer

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett set page)

“The 1992 Fleer set contains 720 standard-size cards issued in one comprehensive series. The cards were distributed in plastic wrapped packs, 35-card cello packs, 42-card rack packs and factory sets. The card fronts shade from metallic pale green to white as one moves down the face. The team logo and player’s name appear to the right of the picture, running the length of the card. The cards are ordered alphabetically within and according to teams for each league with AL preceding NL. Topical subsets feature Major League Prospects (652-680), Record Setters (681-687), League Leaders (688-697), Super Star Specials (698-707) and Pro Visions (708-713). Rookie Cards include Scott Brosius and Vinny Castilla.

Pack Contents

17 cards


$0.80 for two packs (part of a group of packs from a card show)


Here is a no-frills pack from 1992. I’ve only shown one. The other doesn’t have a $1.25 price sticker. (Sorry for the fuzzy picture. I think my camera’s batteries are just about shot.)

Insert / Parallel List (taken from Beckett)

All-Stars – 24 cards – unknown insertion rate
Clemens – 12 cards – unknown insertion rate


419 – Jose Rijo (front and back)

99 – Bobby Thigpen (front and back)

551 – Bobby Bonilla (front and back)

708 – Pro Visions Robin Yount

Fleer All-Stars 5 – Mike LaValliere (front and back)

other cards
3 – Juan Bell
16 – Luis Mercedes
33 – Tom Bolton
180 – Mark Lee
205 – Kent Hrbek
220 – Lenny Webster
239 – Matt Nokes
244 – Steve Sax
251 – Mike Bordick
261 – Carney Lansford
269 – Todd Van Poppel
270 – Walt Weiss
291 – Harold Reynolds
295 – Dave Valle
300 – Jack Daugherty
314 – Gary Pettis
322 – Jim Acker
350 – Mike Bell
380 – Shawon Dunston
382 – Mike Harkey
391 – Dave Smith
412 – Hal Morris
465 – Mike Morgan
478 – Mike Fitzgerald
483 – Chris Haney
593 – Scott Terry
615 – Jose Melendez
619 – Rich Rodriguez
642 – Paul McClellan


So far in this blog, my only encounter with a Fleer product has been 1991 Ultra. That set was marginal at best – unattractive and low quality. I have to admit that I am impressed by 1992 Fleer. No, this is not a deluxe set. Still, it looks pretty good for a circa 1990 set. It is a simple, clean design. The fronts are all vertical and well complemented by the backs, which have a decent-sized horizontal picture across the top. The stats are pretty standard, and the writing on the back doesn’t go over the top. I like it.

My only gripe is that the cards are definitely non-glossy. Compared to today’s cards (or even cards from 1995), these feel like sandpaper. I’m exaggerating, but they still feel rough.

As for these two packs, the cards inside certainly lacked star power. I’ve shown scans of the best (plus Jose Rijo, because I’m a fan). The Yount design of the Yount Pro Visions card is a bit out there – Yount imagining a sky full of baseballs floating by. Why not?

I did get one insert – a Fleer All-Star card. Sure, these are probably very common, but it was nice to get at least one insert in these two packs. Overall, these two packs were way better than I expected.

One response to “Pack – 1992 Fleer

  1. john bateman

    In 1992, Fleer advertised these cards as a deluxe up graded (and a great price increase over 1991) – the metallic green fronts was the big pushing point for the set. The inserts were relatively hard to get at the time (ie they were not in every pack yet – though Fleer did have something called hot packs in which every card in the pack was an insert)

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