vintage vs modern – coolness

This is an ongoing series on the differences between collecting vintage and modern cards. The previous installment discussed trading. This installment is about the coolness of collecting.

Cool and card collecting are not two words that I would normally put together. When I say “cool”, I mean that other people are impressed by them. Hobbies like cooking, painting, running marathons, and home brewing have a certain cache.  I don’t collect cards to impress my friends, but if it just happens to impress them, then it’s certainly not a bad thing. (Actually, I would probably wonder about any of my friends if they were impressed by my collecting cards.)

Why aren’t cards cool? I don’t know. Sports are cool. I  think that fantasy sports are higher (quite a bit higher) on the cool ladder than card collecting. Somehow, even computer games are higher than cards. Is anything lower? For a guy, I’d say that beanie babies and scrapbooking are definitely lower.

What makes cards uncool? While cards were originally (like in the 1880s) designed to appeal to adults, baseball cards have been a kids thing since about the 1930s or earlier. Since the 1990s cards haven’t really been marketed to kids, but that’s a post for another day. Anyway, cards are perceived as being for kids. Adults collecting kids stuff is not cool.

The question of this post is really about which is less cool – vintage or modern card collecting. Unfortunately for modern cards, the answer is pretty easy. Vintage cards are way cooler than modern cards. Old stuff is more interesting than new stuff. In the old days, kids respected their elders, the streets were safer, America made quality things, and life was just all-around better. Those things are mostly nonsense, but most people believe them to be true in some fashion. So, vintage cards, just because they are old, are cooler than modern cards. Even well worn vintage cards are cooler. What is a well worn modern card? – trash.

So, which is less uncool? – vintage card collecting. No question.

Winner: Vintage Cards

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