Pack – 1992 Donruss 2 Jumbo

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett box page)

“The 1992 Donruss set contains 784 standard-size cards issued in two separate series of 396. Cards were issued in first and second series foil wrapped packs in addition to hobby and retail factory sets. One of 21 different puzzle panels featuring Hall of Famer Rod Carew was inserted into each pack. The basic card design features glossy color player photos with white borders. Two-toned blue stripes overlay the top and bottom of the picture. Subsets include Rated Rookies (1-20, 397-421], All-Stars (21-30/422-431) and Highlights (33, 94, 154, 215, 276, 434, 495, 555, 616, 677). The only notable Rookie Card in the set features Scott Brosius.

Pack Contents

17 cards


$0.40  (part of a group of packs from a card show)


A nice thick jumbo pack, just the way mama used to make. Retail price – $1.98.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from Beckett)

Elite Series – 12 cards – unknown insertion rate
Diamond Kings – 27 cards – unknown insertion rate


543 – Carlton Fisk
548 – Jose Canseco

470 – Vincent Edward (aka Bo) Jackson (front and back)

402 – Kim Batiste – Rated Rookie (front and back)

555 – Ryan and Gossage – Highlights (front and back)

DK-26 – Fred McGriff – Diamond Kings (front and back)

other cards
453 – Jose Uribe
458 – Paul Jordan
461 – Rod Beck
462 – Dave Valle
465 – Mark Carreon
466 – Rob Ducey
471 – Chris Bosio
477 – Gerald Young
494 – Kirt Manwaring
498 – Frank Viola
503 – Eric Davis
549 – Andujar Cedeno
562 – Terry Shumpert
569 – Jack Daugherty
605 – Denny Neagle
611 – Joe Hesketh
630 – Wilson Alvarez
638 – Dave West
645 – Tony Fossas
651 – Sean Berry
683 – Eric Bullock


Donruss. When Donruss hit the scene in 1981, it was immediately my least favorite of the three card companies. Since those early days, I still can’t get past my bias against Donruss. In that light, let’s get to this pack.

Although I’ve been out of collecting, I have definitely seen these cards somewhere before opening this pack. (I’ve seen some version with a Coca-Cola logo.) The cards lack any creative design like most cards of the early 90s. The players in this pack aren’t too bad – Bo Jackson, Carlton Fisk, Jose Canseco.  Otherwise, the names are pretty standard.

A couple cards deserve mention. First is the Bo Jackson card. The stats on the back of this card are mostly not legible because the player photo creeps into the stats table. All cards potentially have this problem, but, for some reason, Bo’s picture wasn’t faded out at the bottom. His black uniform upstages the stats. When I saw Bo’s card I wondered, just how good was this guy at the plate? This card can’t answer that question.

The second noteworthy card is the Fred McGriff Diamond Kings. I assume people like the DK cards. I mean, if people didn’t like them, then Donruss wouldn’t keep doing them year after year after year. Personally, I can’t stand them. Apparently, 1992 was the year that Donruss made DK cards into an insert series instead of as part of the base set. The reception for this change was mixed. As far as I’m concerned, make them a 1-of-1 so that I won’t ever pull them from a pack.

Overall, this pack was fine, probably as good as any 1992 Donruss pack could get. Unfortunately, that’s not very good. There’s a reason this bonus pack was buried in a 3 for $1 bin.

[Added after the original post: I had the wrong image in this post and some of the wrong text. My copy-paste method of making new posts is catching up with me.]


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