Preview – 1994 Stadium Club 2

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett box page)

“The 720 standard-size cards comprising this set were issued two series of 270 and a third series of 180. There are a number of subsets including Home Run Club (258-268), Tale of Two Players (525/526), Division Leaders (527-532), Quick Starts (533-538), Career Contributors (541-543), Rookie Rocker (626-630), Rookie Rocket (631-634) and Fantastic Finishes (714-719). Rookie Cards include Jeff Cirillo and Chan Ho Park.”

Box Contents

24 packs with 12 cards per pack


$12.25 on eBay ($6.25 auction with $6.00 shipping)


The Series 2 box is just like Series 1 except Series 2 has a peach/salmon base color instead of white. The cards on the front of the box are of Salomon Torres, Devon White, and Wade Boggs.

The foil packs contain 12 cards. The packs have purple color around the crimping. The color scheme is weird. Peach/salmon on the box and purple on the packs. I’m more of a primary or secondary color person.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from Beckett)

1st Day Issue – 270 cards – 1:24 packs
Dugout Dirt – 4 cards – 1:6 packs
Golden Rainbow – 270 cards – 1:1 pack
1994 Bowman Preview – 10 cards – 1:24 packs

The full Dugout Dirt insert set includes 12 cards, but only four are found in Series 2 packs.


I was a huge fan of the Series 1 cards from the previous box break. I just hope the pack collation isn’t so completely screwed up in Series 2 as it was in the Series 1 packs.

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