Did someone unplug the internet?

This blog has only been around for a couple months. Like the newbie that I am, I watch my hits like a hawk. It’s not hard; there aren’t many hits to watch. There are a few regulars and a number who are a little more anonymous. The numbers have (very) slowly grown – until this week.

OK, OK. Last week wasn’t exactly a big week, but it wasn’t bad. This week, however, traffic has been negligible. What is the deal? Are all (both?) my readers in sixth grade and have to go back to school?  Was it something I said? Do I need a mint? Food between my teeth? What? I mean, even the sex sites aren’t giving me spam comments. It’s bad. I feel like the guy on Burn Notice – “You’ve been burned.”

Oh well, I guess there isn’t much to be done about it. Well, back to cards…


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