Pack – 1992 Leaf Series 1 and 2

Normally I just do one pack at a time, but there’s no reason to break these two up.

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett set page)

The 1992 Leaf set consists of 528 cards, issued in two separate 264-card series. Cards were distributed in first and second series 15-card foil packs. Each pack contained a selection of basic cards and one black gold parallel card. The basic card fronts feature color action player photos on a silver card face. The player’s name appears in a black bar edged at the bottom by a thin red stripe. The team logo overlaps the bar at the right corner. Rookie Cards in this set include Brian Jordan and Jeff Kent.

Pack Contents

15 cards each


$0.88 for both on eBay (part of a lot of 17 random packs on eBay)


Series 1 packs are silver with a gold seal. Series 2 packs are gold with a silver seal. Nice symmetry.

Insert / Parallel List

Leaf Black Gold – 528 cards – 1:1 packs
Leaf Gold Rookies – 24 – no insertion rate listed


Normally I would scan all the cards in the pack, but I’ll just hit the highlights on this 30-card, two-pack post.

19 – Roger Clemens
233 – Roberto Alomar

238 – Paul Molitor
255 – George Brett

Black Gold 130 – Luis Mercedes
Black Gold 325 – Mike Henneman

350 – Albert Belle (I can’t imagine Belle was known for his bunting.)
381 – Danny Jackson

412 – Sammy Sosa
430 – Eric Davis

Black Gold 130 – Luis Mercedes (back)
381 – Danny Jackson (back)

Other cards…
1 – Jim Abbott
7 – Joe Oliver
10 – Greg Harris
13 – Mike Mussina
128 – Jay Buhner
151 – Jeff Reardon
228 – Mike LaValliere
245 – Terry Pendleton
250 – Bobby Rose
260 – Pete O’Brien
270 – Jose Vizcaino
338 – Kevin Ward
344 – Craig Grebeck
362 – Kent Hrbek
371 – Mike Fitzgerald
376 – Bret Saberhagen
386 – Kevin Ritz
418 – Steve Frey
424 – Gary Wayne


Leaf Black Gold was one of the first parallel sets in the hobby. At least these cards have something going for them. Silver borders seemed to be all the rage in the early 90s, but I think they look terrible.

The Series 1 pack was pretty strong – Brett, Molitor, Alomar, and Clemens. Not bad. Series 2 was not quite so impressive. Neither Black Gold card was anybody special.

I don’t like the fronts of these cards, but I do like the backs for several reasons. First, the backs have lots of stats. They even include minor league states for most non-veteran players. Second, the cards indicate whether they are from Series 1 or Series 2. I like that. Third, the stats area has Leaf written in script. You can’t see it unless you turn the card in the light. That is a nice detail that makes the card stand out.

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